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Why Speed?

You might not be a techy person and you are wondering “what’s this fuss about speed?”

I am going to take time to explain it to you right here and of course, I will be willing to answer any question you have about speed.

Let’s make it realistic.

Have you ever got mad at any of these animations before?☟

The stuff keeps rolling and rolling till you run out of patience and you bounce to another site that has the content you are looking for.

Other people also feel the same way if your site takes time to load.

Of course, the preloader might not necessary be appearing on your site yet it takes time before the content of the page are fully loaded.

People usually put the preloader to distract their users while the content of the site is loading.

Now let’s take an example,

You own an ecommerce site


Imagine you wanted to purchase an item from an ecommerce store based on a result you saw on a SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

You clicked on it and it takes about 40 seconds or more to load, won’t you rather go back to SERP and click on another link?

That’s it! Speed may not have a direct impact on your ecommerce site but it has a serious indirect effect on how much money you make on the site.

There are many potentials buyers that bounce off shopping pages because of slow load time, some even manage to get to the checkout point before they bounce off.

Just like in customer service, quick response is very important. It shows your customers that you take them seriously and that you know what you are doing.

A slow ecommerce does the opposite. It gives an indication that you don’t value your users’/customers’ precious time.

You are not going the extra mile to give them an easy and smooth service – the faster the site, the easier to use.

You have to remember that you don’t own the only ecommerce site in the world.

You make money from Ads


There are many sites owners who provide content for users for free but have a way of monetizing their traffic.

You are probably one of these people, either you have adsense ads being published on your site or you publish yours ads natively, you need a fast loading site.

The cheapest and the best source of traffic is ‘organic search’ but at the same it is quite delicate. Why?

Users click through to land on your page from the Search Engine Result Page, so if your site does not load in time they can go back to the SERP to click on another site’s link. Now that is simply called a bounce.

Note that, Google and other search engines track the bounce rate from your pages. A high bounce rate will cause your site links to move to lower positions in SERP.

This means that, you will lose traffic if your site is not fast enough for users. And to make money from Adsense, you need thousands and millions of monthly traffic. So you see how important that is.

You sell content


You may likely be one of the many gurus who sell content on subscription base sites.

It’s very clear why you need a fast website.

The easier it is for users to navigate and get meaningful content on your site, the more subscriptions you will get.

You own a company site


They say dress the way you want to be addressed.

As a company, you want to appear smart, excellent and proficient.

A slow site does not in anyway demonstrate any of those qualities.

To give a good first time impression to clients or potential business partners, you should have a site that is well optimized for speed.

You have a brand


You are a brand or you own a brand.

It is very important for people to have a good impression of you and want to associate with you.

In all,

no matter the kind of site you own or you manage, you need to make your users happy by keeping the site super fast.

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