draganddope media

What We Do

Who says you must be a programmer to create an amazing website?

We create dope websites and web tools by simply dragging and dropping.

In other words, we bring out the dopeness in dragging and dropping particularly with WordPress,

while taking the burden of coding & programming away from you.

Our services include:


Web Creation


Web Maintenance


Web Calculators



Web Creation

This service includes creating a website development from scratch.

Of course, the website will be created with the fastest speed possible.

We will also assist you in choosing the best domain name that suits your brand.

One of your first task in Search Engine optimization will be to optimize for your brand name.

These is one of the factors to consider when choosing your brand name.

The more unique your brand name is, the easier it is for you to rank for it.

This service also includes web hosting. We host with the fastest hosting companies in the world.

We use and recommend Siteground and A2Hosting.

For our designs, we work with the default Gutenberg Editor, Elementor Pagebuilder and WP Bakery Pagebuilder proficiently.

We also do some amazing designs using CSS that you may not find else where.

This site was built without any Pagebuilder, we used only the default Gutenberg editor to create every page.

And as an advantage, we are experts in Graphics Design though we don’t render design services but we make use of our designs skills when necessary.

Web Maintenance

We can maintain your website(s) for you on monthly basis, this service includes:Update of plugin, themes and WordPress to the latest version

1. Security maintenance

2. Web interface maintenance

3. Support in implementing new tools and functions

4. Based on your demand, our web maintenance service can be tailored to suit your needs.

5. Speed Optimization for already existing sites.

Web Calculators

We have created several web calculators that are used on the WordPress platform.

This are examples of some of the calculators we create:

1. Loan Calculator

2. Cost/Price Calculator

3. Engineering Calculators

4. BMI Calculators

5. Calories Intake

6. Calculators with graphs (pie charts, line charts, bubble charts and bar charts)

7. Calculators with user details submission

You can see some examples here.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Getting your brand or products visible on search engine is one of the very first steps you should take immediately your sites is live.

Search Engine Optimization is ongoing, it is not what you do once and dump.

It is quite tricky as you don’t control all the factors that contribute to the success of your brand ranking on a search engine.

However, there are basic things you should do to get started with Search Engine Optimization. Some of them are:

1. Submission of your sitemap to search engines like Google, Bing etc.

2. Creation of a Google Search Console account to monitor the keyword that draw traffic to your site.

3. Creation of a Google Analytics account so that you can measure important metrics on your site.

4. Optimizing your homepage for your brand keyword

5. Creation of a Bing Webmaster account

6. Testing your site to see if it has appropriate schema markups

Beyond the basic SEO tasks, we offer technical services which include:

1. Writing schema markups for Products, FAQ pages, Breadcrumbs, Events, How-to Pages, Local business, Job post, Organisation, Person, Recipe, Video etc.

2. Correction of errors in schema markup, for example, converting schema from microdata to JSON-LD based on Schema.org documentation.

3. Editing a page or website to become mobile friendly

4. Robots.txt testing and editing

5. Sitemap generation

6. Meta tags generation

7. On-page Keyword optimization (using Yoast or Rankmath)

8. Breadcrumb Implementation + schema.org markup


our ultimate service is to make you happy.

You can see some of the works we have done previously here.

Is there anything you have in mind to do on your site that we have not listed?

Let’s chat now. We are able to do exceedingly, abundantly beyond everything we have listed here or you can ask for.

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